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Mix and Jam: Kerbal Space Program brought 2d

Score points by having a presence near planets

Flying Controls 
W or UP for forward thrust
A or LEFT for left torque
D or RIGHT for right torque

Building Controls
Left click parts to select and place
Right click or escape to clear your selection or remove
Mouse movement to position

Orbit planets with many ships
Have a presence at multiple planets to gain more points
Larger ships gain more points
There are seven different planets in the game
You can turn off the navigation aids in the top right corner
If you blow up "randomly" in space you've hit the edge of the map

Special thanks to Tanner for creating the planet sprites
Special thanks to all who helped me test along the way


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0.5_Linux.zip 25 MB
0.5_Mac.zip 26 MB
0.5_Win.zip 23 MB


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Pretty nice entry :) I was quite impressed on how much you actually put into the game, I really like the idea of building your own spacecraft in 2D didn't think that it could work that well :)

One point to improve might be to add more infos ingame what the different parts actually do and how they affect things, besides that really great entry :)